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Since Iron Man's release in 2008 thousands upon thousands (including myself) have flocked to theaters to attend the annual Marvel films. While the MCU has had a pretty good track record so far it's pretty clear that there's an issue revolving around the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the villains. This blog will focus on the betterment of not just Marvel movie villains but bad guys in film overall. Hope you enjoy!

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The films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have produced numerous likable and memorable heroes but a hero is only as good as their villain right? The villains in the MCU have been lackluster since the Iron Monger. How many of you actually know who that is? Iron Monger was the villain in the first Iron Man film which is often praised for it's superb origin story and outstanding hero like many other MCU films but what do we never hear positive feedback about in the MCU? THE VILLAINS! I will delve into the villains from the MCU and feel free to join the conversation whether you disagree or agree with my opinion.

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